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I’ve been in computing since stone knives and punch cards, starting with an IBM System/3 Model 10 with 8K (yes K) of memory. I’ve advanced a lot since then.

I’m an expert with Mac OS/X, Solaris, Linux and other variants of UNIX, and have taught kernel and systems program, C programming, C++ programming, Objective C programming, Java programming, and multiple varieties of assembler programming. Now I tend to program in Python, Ruby, and Common Lisp, but also have been making excursions into Clojure (incredibly cool functional programming for Java) and Erlang, and refreshing my Smalltalk skills in Squeak and F-Script (Smalltalk for Cocoa).

I’ve got particular interests in development, development tools, and programming, and also am an active advocate of Agile methods, including being a Certified SCRUM Master. You can see some of my other background, and read some of my references, at my LinkedIn profile.